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How to Write Your First (or Next) Book Workshop
Finally write that book!
Put "author" next to your name.
Get over the getting started and writer's block hump for good.
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You've probably heard this before..."you should write a book"...but you don't know where to start or how to finish
Follow the steps that'll get you started fast and give you the momentum to actually finish your book.

  • Determine your first step, and actually do it

  • Create a killer blueprint to guide your entire writing efforts.

  • Structure your book in a way that makes the writing flow.

  • Free yourself from writer's block and gain clarity so you can write and finish.
Included in the How to Write Your First (or Next) Book Workshop you'll get the following:

  • Lifetime access to the workshop videos

  • Previously recorded Q&A sessions including new Q&A sessions

  • How to bonus videos and resources including any newly created bonuses -- current bonuses include creating and validating your book concept, setting up your book framework, and writing a great book proposal

  • Access to our private Facebook Group with other writers and authors
You get access to a simple process that will get you started and lead you to finish.
The first steps to succeeding in writing your book is to know when, where, and what tools you are to write with. Part one will get you properly prepared and set the table for effective and efficient writing.
The next steps to succeeding in writing your book is to set up systems, write out your goals (there are two that you must have, but many aren't aware of), and create your book framework. Part two will set your target and layout a system that will get you there.
The third steps to succeeding in writing your book is to start writing. Once you get ready and set your targets, it's now time to get to writing. Part three will guide you in writing your chapter template, book proposal, and the first chapter (and it doesn't have to be the first chapter).
Q&A Sessions...
Taking this journey alongside others with similar goals is a great way to keep moving, get answers, and be encouraged when you get stuck. Our Q&A sessions will provide questions answers to questions from people in the same place as you. New live Q&A questions will allow you to ask questions and get answers in real-time..
Bonus Resources...
Bonus resources will provide you with how to lessons for various topics and states of the book writing, publishing, and marketing process. Once your book has been written, you'll have more questions about the next steps. The bonus resources will fill in gaps and give you a guide into more depths of the entire process.
Your Workshop Host
Jackie Bledsoe
Bestselling Author | International Speaker | Podcast Host

Jackie Bledsoe is an author, podcast host, and speaker who's reached over 100,000 couples with his bestselling book, The 7 Rings of Marriage. He helps couples build strong marriages and families, so they can positively change their family tree.

You may have seen Jackie on Good Morning America, ABC News, The 700 Club, Moody Radio, YouVersion's Bible App, or through his work with LifeWay, FamilyLife, and The Wesleyan Church World Headquarters.

He and his wife, Stephana, are the founders of Happily Married Couples, a marriage training platform, and community that helps couples connect and communicate while leading them through a powerful and proven marriage success path.

The Bledsoes live in Indianapolis, IN, and are the parents of 3 amazing kids, whom they call their "3 'Js'", daughter Jaicey, and sons Jackson and Joshua.
Are you ready to get started?
Successful people make their decisions quickly and change their minds slowly. Failures make their decisions slowly and change their minds quickly.” -Andy Andrews

If you want to successfully write a book, now is the time to act. I can't wait to help you!